About STEP

Scarsdale's Student Transfer Education Plan (Scarsdale STEP) program was founded in 1966 by Eric Rothschild, one of Scarsdale High Schools prominent history teachers (Mr. Rothschild continues to be a guiding force for STEP as a member of its Board). STEP's original goal was to share the educational opportunities at Scarsdale High School with students from segregated Southern schools which had limited resources for minorities. Over the years, STEP has expanded its reach to include promising students of color throughout the United States (including Native American students). Graduates of the program have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Emory, Fisk, Ithaca, Harvard, Lehigh, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, Villanova, George Washington, Williams, Washington University in St. Louis, and Yale. Many STEP alumni have continued their education through the graduate level, pursuing law, medical, business and Ph.D. degrees.