The Scarsdale Student Transfer Education Plan (STEP) is an independent community program that identifies promising students of color and enables them to attend Scarsdale High School for their junior and senior years. The program offers qualified students access to Scarsdale High School's strong college preparatory program and extensive extracurricular activities, as well as the cultural and recreational resources of the New York metropolitan area. While in Scarsdale, each visiting student lives with a host family and is encouraged to become an integral part of the Scarsdale community. By offering students exposure to a different and challenging environment, STEP prepares them to take positions of leadership and responsibility in a multi-cultural society.


Scarsdale's STEP program was founded in 1966. Its original goal was to share the educational opportunities at Scarsdale High School with students from segregated Southern schools of limited resources. Since that time, STEP has expanded its recruitment base to include students of color from areas throughout the United States. Graduates of the program have matriculated at colleges and universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Emory, Fisk, Ithaca, Lehigh, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania,Vanderbilt, Villanova, George Washington, Williams, Washington University and Yale. Many former STEP students have continued their education at the graduate level, pursuing law, medical, business and Ph.D. degrees.



History and Mission